California Women Lawyers Stands for Reproductive Freedom, Commits to Assist Women

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For immediate release May 3, 2022

California Women Lawyers Stands for Reproductive Freedom, Commits to Assist Women

SACRAMENTO – California Women Lawyers commits to continue working to protect
the reproductive rights of women, in response to the leaked draft Supreme Court
opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which states the Court’s
intent to overturn the nearly 50-year-old precedent recognizing women’s fundamental
rights to abortion and reproductive freedom.

The draft majority opinion, authored by Justice Samuel Alito and made public by
Politico last night, overrules the 1973 Roe. v. Wade and 1992 Planned Parenthood v.
Casey decisions.

“As we await the release of the Court’s final decision in Dobbs, we reaffirm our position
that a woman’s ability to make independent and informed decisions about her
reproductive health is fundamental to her self-determination,” CWL president Ana M.
Storey said. “Now, more than ever, the work of groups like CWL in amicus briefing and
legislative action is vital in protecting the rights of women, and we stand in solidarity
with our sister bar organizations in states where women’s rights are under attack.”

CWL joined an amicus brief, filed by the National Women’s Law Center and 72
organizations committed to gender equality, in the Dobbs case in September 2021.

CWL also has on its 2022 legislative agenda support for the following California State
Assembly bills related to reproductive rights:

  • AB 2223 (Wicks). This bill, introduced in response to recent prosecutions of
    women who suffered miscarriages or stillbirths, clarifies that there shall be no
    civil and criminal penalties for people’s actual, potential or alleged pregnancy

  • AB 1666 (Bauer-Kahan) – This bill, introduced in response to Texas and other
    states’ laws purporting to impose civil or criminal liability on those who assist
    others in obtaining abortions, guarantees protection from civil liability for
    abortion providers, patients and people who assist people with access to

  • AB 2091 (Bonta). This bill provides enhanced privacy protections for medical
    records related to abortion and pregnancy. For example, the bill prohibits
    compelling a person, including by subpoena, to identify or provide information
    that would identify an individual who has sought or obtained an abortion, in any
    legal, administrative, legislative or other proceedings. The bill also authorizes the
    Insurance Commissioner to assess a civil penalty against an insurer that discloses
    an insured’s confidential medical information.

CWL is committed to working to protect women’s bodily autonomy and reproductive
rights, whether through legislative efforts, legal proceedings, or outreach efforts to
women in states that do not safeguard women’s reproductive freedom.

About California Women Lawyers. California Women Lawyers was established in
1974 “to advance women in the profession of law; to improve the administration of
justice; to better the position of women in society; to eliminate all inequities based on
gender, and to provide an organization for collective action and expression germane to
the aforesaid purposes.” CWL, which has members statewide, seeks to advance women
through legislative advocacy; provide amicus support in cases affecting women; prepare
women for judicial appointments and political office; evaluate candidates for judicial
appointment; recognize outstanding women lawyers and judges; provide scholarships to
exceptional law students; provide valuable networking opportunities; and more. For
more information about CWL, visit

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