CWL Foundation

The CWL Foundation is a 501(c)(3) that educates lawyers and the general public regarding women in the legal profession and legal issues pertaining to women. The Foundation works in collaboration with Affiliate Women Bar Associations and Women Sections of local Bar Associations to identify law students who have demonstrated a commitment to issues affecting women and/children in the community. In collaboration with the Affiliate Associations, students are identified for a scholarship to help meet the educational and financial needs of those who share CWL’s goals and ideals. It also undertakes projects to determine and publicize ways in which CWL has helped the advancement of women, children and the legal profession over the past 40-plus years. 

CWL Foundation Podcast 

The CWL Foundation has created a fabulous and informative series of podcasts featuring interviews with accomplished women lawyers, speaking candidly about their experiences in the practice of law. These podcasts are available on the CWL Foundation website page.

Color of Justice

CWL collaborates with the National Association of Women Judges, Queen’s Bench, and Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles to support the impactful and award-winning Color of Justice program for high school students in San Francisco and Los Angeles area schools. This program brings judges and lawyers together with high school students and minorities, to engage in an interactive program designed to encourage them to consider legal and judicial careers. 


Silent Auction

Traditionally, conditions permitting, the CWL Foundation hosts a Silent Auction Reception prior to the CWL Annual Dinner. Revenue from the Silent Auction funds the continued work of the Foundation. We appreciate in-kind donations which fit within our Mission. Watch for further announcements regarding future fundraising opportunities.

Financial Donations 

You can support the important work of the CWL Foundation, including the Nancy E. O’ Malley Scholarship, through a monetary donation. Donations are tax-deductible, where permitted by law. Checks can be made payable to “CWL Foundation” and sent to: California Women Lawyers, 2520 Venture Oaks Drive, Suite 150, Sacramento, CA 95833 or you can donate online here.

Lessons from Our Mothers

In 2010 the Foundation created a video entitled "Lessons from Our Mothers" which chronicles the California history of women in the legal profession and CWL's role in that history.

The Nancy E. O' Malley Scholarship 

The Nancy E. O' Malley Scholarship was founded in 2016 to honor CWL Past President Nancy E. O' Malley for her dedication and commitment to the organization by recognizing a law student whose prior and current activities demonstrate a commitment to issues affecting women and/or children.

For more information about the CWL Foundation, please contact the CWL office at (916) 930–9020 or [email protected]