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CWL, with its statewide focus and headquarters in Sacramento, is uniquely situated to develop and implement an advocacy agenda. Each year CWL engages the courts, the legislature and the media through our amicus briefs, legislative agenda and judicial evaluation process.
With the support of our statewide members and the strength of support from our Affiliates, CWL conducts an advocacy program in line with its mission to advance women in the profession of law, to improve the administration of justice, to better the position of women in society, and to eliminate all inequities based on gender.

CWL independently tracks and, as appropriate, responds to legislation and policy actions that pertain to:

  • the practice of law and selection of the judiciary
  • reproductive health and privacy,
  • health care reform,
  • access to women’s health care services,
  • domestic violence,
  • sex crimes,
  • gender bias,
  • employment and equal pay,
  • human rights and equality,
  • consumer protection,
  • family law, and
  • other issues that would have a disparate impact on women and girls.

As a pro-choice organization, CWL works to oppose all efforts to infringe on a woman’s privacy and freedom of choice in all reproductive matters. CWL’s legislative committee and staff also works to support CWL’s statewide network of women’s bar associations to conduct advocacy programs at the grassroots level in their local areas.