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The advancement of a women’s rights agenda depends heavily on court decisions for its success. Since its inception, CWL has devoted significant energy to an active amicus committee in which CWL prepares or joins others in presenting amicus briefs in cases relevant to CWL’s core issues.
  • In determining whether CWL will sign on to or file an amicus brief, we consider the following factors: Is the issue of importance to women? Is it an area of law directly relating to women? Will the resolution of the issue have a significant impact or effect on women even though the issue is not normally considered a “women’s issue?”;
  • Is the issue likely to be or has it already been adequately briefed by the parties in the lawsuit?;
  • Is CWL’s position likely to be of interest to the Court? Will the fact that CWL takes the time to file an amicus brief highlight the importance of the issue in a way that might not otherwise be evident?; and
  • Where does the issue fall among CWL’s overall priorities and amicus brief priorities for the year?
This year, CWL has signed onto the following amicus briefs:
Case        Outcome

Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission
To prohibit business owners from disregarding non-discrimination protections in the name of religion and free speech. 


Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Donald J. Trump
To immediately block the Trump administration rules that broadly exempt employers and universities from complying with the ACA's contraceptive coverage requirement. 

 Injunction Granted 

State of California et al v. Eric D. Hargan et al
(Sister brief to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, supra)

 Injunction Granted
If you would like CWL to consider drafting or signing onto an amicus brief, please contact us at